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Crochet Help? (Again)

If ANYBODY has a Melissa Leapman hats and scarves set book and has SUCCESSFULLY MADE THE BRIMMED CAP. PLEASE HELP ME.
Read your instructions where the point starts on the pattern that you have just finished crocheting your brim and are now folding it and sewing it to the body of Row 20. Now continue reading on how to do the trim. I NEED A TUTORIAL ON THIS SECTION. (A picture tutorial please or a video tutorial. A really good one!) I am so lost. I’ll explain my issue and to anybody that can help THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!
~Before crocheting my brim, I assumed the “right side” was the outer shell you will see when it is being worn, and the “wrong side” is the inner part of the project. DO I HAVE THAT RIGHT??
~Once i crocheted the brim (that confused the hell out of me too for a while..) I was told to fold it into the wrong side. To connect the brim of Row 8 to the body of Row 20. So I would fold the brim INWARD TOWARD THE INSIDE OF THE HAT, right?? The “wrong side?” It would be the only way to get Row 8 to Row 20 too!
~It’s now telling me to do the trim, where I am completely lost. It wants 4 Rows on the outer row of the brim, but says on the 4th row I will need to crochet in the free loops on the brim. Those free loops are on the “right side”
of the hat AND how do I go about crocheting inward toward those free loops if I’m supposed to be making a trim on the outer layer?? It makes no sense!! It says the “right side” facing, but does it mean the brim or the hat part? How do I go about crocheting into both layers of the brim when it’s folded? Which way does it go and how to i crochet it?? I need serious help guys, if one of you can make a tutorial then PLEASE HELP ME. This is making me mad beyond belief!!

I wanna see the crochet and friendship bracelets! <3

Sure thing anon! <3

I ment more around the lines of specifics, but this helps me too! I’m crocheting stuff to post as we speak! <3 If you want to see anything specific or want to request something, just shoot me another anon! c; Thanks for the feedback!

I’m the right choice for you.

 Red & White Amigurumi Lovebird (4 mm)



people should buy from alyson!

she just made this! and it’s supppperrr cute in person! she takes custom orders for them! so if you want one, but in different colors, then ask! 

You are so sweet, even if your post is doing nothing. (I don’t mean that in a bad way) I wuv you friend. Your support is near and dear to meh. 😙 nokindofangel

lumirelivi said: Oh, sorreh. Role play. >_>

Lol ah alrighty! Well I gave you my Kik so whenever you wanna message me go right ahead! c: lumirelivi

Buuuut it'd be easier if you had a kik or something similar.

I do have a Kik. alycatsart <-

Well I'm interested!

Interested in…? XD

resynched answered: Perhaps try themed things, like friendship bracelets in fandom colors, or crocheted fandom beanies.

Good suggestion. The only problem with that though when it comes to ME is that I know current fandoms, but I’m not sure what colors together work for said fandom because I don’t watch the show or read the book, etc. :/ resynched

(Please Read) What would you like to see?

I recently closed (not permanent at all) my Storenvy shop since I don’t have anything currently viewable that may interest a potential buyer.

I’m very discouraged at the moment..every time I seem to make something for my shop I end up not liking it last minute and throwing it away. I get nervous and want to show my full abilities to the customer so they will consider purchasing from me, if not again later on…

My question to anybody taking the time to read this or view this though is…

  • What products would you enjoy seeing from me or wish to see in general?

I can…

  • Crochet (Amigurumi, Beanies, Etc.)
  • Draw (Digital more than Traditional)
  • Braid Friendship Bracelets (I know multiple patterns.)
  • Bead Kandi (Masks, Cuffs, Etc.)
  • Melt Perler Beads (Pokemon 8-bits, Glow In The Dark Space, Etc.)

I want to become a successful varied artist one day, but in order to do that, I must get feedback from friends. What better way than Tumblr?

If you want to see something made on my blog, just request it. Give me a pattern, select your colors. (However, you wouldn’t get the item…BUT. ->) You would be helping me by expanding my shop stock and varieties of items to sell, including the product you requested will most likely be posted in the shop available for purchase or creation.

Send requests/patterns, reply here, message me, whatever you prefer. If you see your idea is already marked or posted, go ahead and shoot me another idea you might like! Maybe I haven’t done it! Don’t be shy, just be kind. c: Thank you in advance for your lovely feedback guys. It would really mean a LOT to me if you took some time out of your day to help me achieve my goal!